Guide for Cabin Hell

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Guide for Cabin Hell

Post  yithar7153 on Sat May 28, 2011 11:31 pm

In Cabin Hell, the order of killing is Wizards->Fighters->Healers.

Make sure to silence the Wizards or kill them very fast. If you freeze you will die.

Okay now there are two or three mini-bosses.

First one is Zalnera Zombie. Just have a warlock with high magic defense or preferably a warrior with parry standing back to take the ice attack. Pretty easy.

Second one is Undead baron. Basically a mini version of the Hold Hell final boss. If you know how to do HH, it should be easy. The timing's a bit different though. I think it's 2 shots then silence.

Third one is a golem that's basically like the 3rd boss in Zant Hell. You will only face this if you go into the 2nd pair of rooms. Just have the pally face a wall like ZH.

Also, when you get near the end, make sure to kill the black wizards because they freeze as well. The deathknight fighters stun like in HH so kill them fast or stun/silence.

The last boss is no sweat. Just when he gets half hp, I believe he does a 18 second silence so move back before then.


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Re: Guide for Cabin Hell

Post  Hitmonchan519 on Sun May 29, 2011 12:59 pm

thx yithar i appreciate it

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