Beware of scammer(s)..

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Beware of scammer(s)..

Post  xuroxuro on Tue May 15, 2012 2:32 pm

..especially none other than our beloved Archon, NoobSaibot.

Hey guys, Xuro here! I know, I know. He was my friend, used my account, yadda yadda.
Fear no more! I have changed all my information.

+ I got really freaked out the other day when Chan's computer gave up on him and me and Racing took the night shift. (Racing was sleeping, of course).

That night some Ostyrians ported in and specifically Clivey said to Chan:

C: Wow, NoobSaibot is your guys' new Archon?
H: Yeah, why, what's up?
C: Oh nothing, just that he scammed a couple of folks in Osty before he left to Feonir.
C: Brb, killing Vans.

+ During 'The Deadliest Aitan's' event, while Noob was using my account I recognized his usual hot keys for my skills. After a couple of days of 'him' using my account, my hot keys became unrecognizable. Realizing, I sent the red cores to Race and changed information.

+ I figured it wasn't him because the story he told about Cthulhu's warrior is that NathanShadow was to send Cthulhu the check from Western Union, but Cthulhu never received it. He kept the warrior, changed the name, etc. (Grietel tells me Noob ends up stealing from NathanShadow, etc).

+ Until today, Grietel comes online and tells me to change all my information and no longer give access to Noob. Grietel tells me Noob has stolen and sold Grietel's RM, KermitThaFrog. Noob also took Ben's (Aphrodite?) billion x amount of gold. Below are proof that Grietel has been sent to GMCroxe to further find a solution. Grietel tells me Noob has no longer had the courage to login nor show his face. He disbands the guild as soon as Grietel they all found out about the scamming. Also, on Facebook he claims it wasn't "him" who was stealing the accounts.

Just the other day "nagawa" or whoever, I dunno, don't really remember, scammed Racing an exile scroll. Well, GMs should've made those things tradeable in our opinion.

This game has gone quite to shit if you ask me. People should be able to enjoy this mmorpg, not having to worry around every corner there's a petty thief. It's happened to good people or kids who do not know any better. I don't know who or what to believe anymore.

Yet again, there are always two sides to every story. I am not agreeing or against anyone. I am thankful Grietel has forewarned me ahead of time. I am glad I got everything change. This is quite personal for Grietel, 'Ben', and Noob. I had to share because I could've been in their position as well.

Beware and be safe guildies.

GMs have posted an anti-scam guide here to avoid this conflict.



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Re: Beware of scammer(s)..

Post  ZeroSkye on Wed May 16, 2012 1:05 am

Good post, Xuro. Sucks when any person gets scammed, even when they're annoying (cough cough bounce )

But part of me believes if you're stupid enough to share your account, then you deserve to get scammed. I really don't want to be that guy, but that's how I feel.

Of course, I 'share' my account as well. So you can punch me in the face and call me a lier too. I let people that I trust go on if they wanted to. And therein lies the problem, can others be trusted?

Well that depends on you. If you think you can trust someone with your car for a weekend, then I'm sure you can let them use your account.

Then again, why do others need to go onto your account?

Sometimes you just need to stop and think.

Anyways, GM's are too soft on people. If you played Aika long enough, I'm quite sure you've seen this screen before:

I'm just sayin'. scratch

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Re: Beware of scammer(s)..

Post  xuroxuro on Wed May 16, 2012 5:14 am

I couldn't agree more, Zero. (coughs, coughs <3 ZERO!)


HiddenWish is THE only person I've actually traded my SC set too. I didn't even have the gun! She traded me her SS in return. (Lulz, I miss her so!)

Lol, Zero, you reminded me of Dimitri Martin with his ATM pin joke. *Got it! (runs away)

+ As the car, it's the same as: "Here's everything you oughta know about me to ruin my life. Have a great day!"


I want to be able to trust people in this game. I too want people to believe and trust me in return.

It might only be a handful, but I know that they are good friends and good people at the end of the day. It's a great quality to have in a human being!

+ GMs have replied to Racing's ticket about the exile warrant and gave him 25M. They never said if they banned that person or not, but it was awfully nice of them to act on this part for a change.

+ Racing has input pleasant words about this topic. Such as being guildies for as long as we have (Chan, Kilasyn, Zero, and more), we have become a family and he trusts you guys with his account. No one should feel offended if we deny that access to "them" (noobies) because just as much as we live to love the game, they oughta respect that.



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Re: Beware of scammer(s)..

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