Crit Damage!!!!!

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Crit Damage!!!!!

Post  Racing on Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:03 am

Ok so heres the gist about crit damage:

Damage= patk/magatk - enemy's pdef/magdef (8pdef reduces 1hp damage and 10-12magdef reduces 1hp)

example: 2k patk - 800 pdef (800pdef reduces 100 hp damage)= 1900 hp damage on average

Factors to consider with how damage is calculated:
Pdef/magdef piericing, damage to other nations, damage reduction from other nation, % damage to certain types, etc all have factors into dealing more damage or less damage

Crits are on average 1.5x the damage.

example: 2k normal damage x 1.5 is a critical attk of 3k damage. Simple enough right Very Happy

Now on to crit damage. Crit damage can be added from Str (.2 per str point or 5 str=1%), weapon, pran enchants.buffs.
For this to work, please use your crit damage percent in decimal form like 100% crit is 1.00 and 50% crit damage is .50

So lets use my war for example: normal damage averages 2200, 307 Str (307/5=61.4%), 36% crit damage from Master of Blades buff, 3% from pran enchant.
So a total of 100.4 percent so lets divide that by 100 getting Crit damage % of 1.004 <-----This is important value

K lets do the math
2200 damage x 1.5 (critical) = 3300 damage + (3300 x 1.004=3313) <-----additional critical damage = total of 6613 damage

Big difference, instead of hitting normal crits at 3.3k, my crit damage increases the damage by 2x making it 6.6k Very Happy

Ok now for regular pcrit: Pcrit= damage x 2 Ex: 2200 damage x 2 = 4400 Very Happy
You can do a Pcrit crit with regular attks that give massive damage

Just like above, lets calculate this pcrit crit regular attk

2200 damage x 2 (for pcrit) = 4400 damage x 1.5 (crit) = 6600 + (6600 x 1.004 for crit damage=6626)= total of 13226 damage

So with 2.2-2.3k patk, i can easily hit 13k damage.

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