Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

Post  Hitmonchan519 on Sun May 08, 2011 12:21 am

Guild Rules

#1 : No abusive remarks on own guild members. Have to be nice toward each other
#2 : Don't be shy. say hi, start a conversation, get to know each other better Smile
#3 : No looting / scamming of items in dungeon
#4 : Be Helpful
#5 : No Pking, no pking whatsoever, if someone is pking you, you tell me or an officer
#6 : No any other language allowed in Guild Chat other than English
#7 : Any new people that recently joined and haven't logged in a week will be kicked unless talked has spoken to me about it

Golden Rule: Everything I say goes, meaning if i say something then its absolute.


LMA Rules

#1 : Everything above still goes
#2 : All recruits are going to go through me
#3 : Lastly just pvp more Smile


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