New Ranking System

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New Ranking System

Post  Hitmonchan519 on Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:11 am

Rank 1 : This means you were just newly recuited in our guild Welcome to the awesome. Yes we are known as "The Awesome"

Requirements: Just get recruited by someone rank 2 or higher

Rank 2 : Once you get to this position it means you're like an official member of Sovereign

Requirements: You'd get this rank once you have shown me that you plan on staying in Sovereign and not just someone that is trying out the guild. Usually someone that has leveled to 50 from a low level, it shows me you had the conviction to stay rank 1 from that long period of time. The appox is lvl 50-60 it may be little higher, I will test you're patience and conviction .

Rank 3 : Veteran

Requirements: To give credit to those that been in our guild for awhile and understand alot of the rules and the mechanics of the game so that they are able to help and answer the other guildies. Knows how the raid/defending goes and normally a high level. Most are probably been in guild since the rebuilding of guild.

Rank 4 : Officer

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