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Lost Mines

Post  yithar7153 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:37 pm

Alright, so I've frapped a run through of Lost Mines Hard.

In Lost Mines, there are a variety of mobs.

The first three are guards, gunners and diabolists.

Guards can block like a warriors parry. Gunners slow and Diabolists heal. I would kill Diabolists first, Gunners second, Guards third.

The second three are beserkers, sharpshooters and priests.

They're basically like the 1st three except they're stronger. Beserkers silence as well.

When you get to the two paths that split, kill krauss on the right first because only lorik will follow to that room. After that, lure lorik by running in front and running back. With vilander and sedin you have to test your luck. Sometimes you lure both. Also, if you're a cleric I recommend maxing Holy Arrow.

Before Steuer there are robots and moguns. Stay on the tracks and lure the moguns back so you don't lure the robots. Steuer is pretty easy. Then there are demons are akbas and wheels. Just lure 2 or 3 at a time. Macanga is easy as well. He just sleeps you sometimes.

Now you have ulmans. Ulmans are a pain in the BUTT. Lure 2 MAX because they stun randomly and it's so annoying and painful. Malik just does a debuff so he's not really that hard.

Part 1
Part 2
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