Dungeon Running 101

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Dungeon Running 101

Post  yithar7153 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:45 pm

For running dungeons, there are two things you must know about.

1) Luring
When you solo dungeons, do not emo dive. That is a surefire way to die. What you want to do is to lure the mobs to a safe place and deal with only one or two of them at a time. This is VERY important in later dungeons. Unless you got +11 gear or something, if you emo dive in higher level dungeons, you will surely die.

Here is an example of luring:

2) Patrols
Here is a picture of a patrol:

Patrols are mobs that walk back and forth. There are two points that they will stop at for about 10 seconds or so, and they will walk back to the other point after the ~10s. You must take care of these mobs first. The patrols will be aggroed later and cause trouble if you do not deal with them first.

For running dungeons in a party

Normally you should have a paladin as the main tank. You can attack after you see provoke (crossed swords), but I would wait a few seconds for aggro. This is more true for higher level dungeons, where pvp pallies do not have provoke. In this case you should wait for the paladin to aoe using Judgement and Sanctuary and build aggro. If you see challenge, then you can pretty much attack. Challenge forces the mob to focus on the paladin only.

You might ask, what is aggro? "Aggro is understood to be the condition of a particular mob attacking a particular character, while threat is the numeric value that each attacker has towards each character on its threat list." You see, each mob has a threat list and each player has a certain threat. The mob will attack the person with the most threat. Obviously attacking builds aggro, and provoke/challenge builds aggro as well.

But before a mob is attacked, there is something called buff luring. The paladin will aggro a mob, and usually a warrior will buff and lure the mob back. This is usually for ranged mobs. Note that clerics can easily buff lure, in which case i call it "heal luring." Heal luring is stronger than normal buff luring so one must attack or provoke to get aggro off the cleric.

Also, if you see the tank lose aggro, stop attacking if you are a dps. Let the tank regain aggro. If you see the tank die, run away reset the mobs to their original position. Then the cleric should resurrect the tank.


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